Friday, June 27, 2008

Dupe, one of the wives of former Police Boss, David Jemibewon is at present afflicted with an ailment generally labeled Skin Cancer.
Information available to Man About Town indicates the woman who bore the former Minister for Police Affairs a lady named Lola is said to have been so ravaged by the illness that it is very apparent from her appearance that she is suffering from ill health.
Informants who came across her during the yuletide- she reportedly spent it at her husband’s home town at Iya gbede, Ijunu Local Government area of Kogi State- claimed she looked appalling. Her skin is said to shades of colour different in patches.
‘ Aunty Dupe certainly doesn’t look that lovable again, she now posses the look of one who has overly bleached- and the skin got burnt in patches’ a source who encountered her recently squealed.
Insiders revealed that aside this, she is now constantly down with illness. ‘ most times she is bed ridden, a situation which constantly make her refuse to see visitors who call at her home’ another source claimed.
Confirmed sources maintain, aside the Kogi state home of her husband- Dupe equally maintain houses in Abuja and Lagos all belonging to the Former Minister.- This is said to be despite the fact that she own personal houses in these arrears. One of her personal houses was reportedly demolished by out of office petite bundle of controversy, Nasir Elrufai. Sometime last year.
Information pieced together indicates despite being the apple of the eyes of the Generall Jemibewon, the former police boss appear unduely affected by the illness affecting his wife.
Insiders revealed, the former Governor of Lagos State reportedly issued an indirect ultimatum to his wife to go take care of herself which ever way she deem for reasons yet to be decipher.
Privy sources maintained, the illness now established as a skin cancer has been afflicting the now low profile lady of style for a couple of years now. Informants claimed, the multi colored patches had always been there, just that it wasn’t as much- and noticeable as it is.
With the situation as it is, informants maintained, the woman formerly listed as a consistent party attendee is said to be seriously searching for a cure for the illness which as virtually put a stop to her social life.

Akeem Shodehinde, Part owner of fun place Reloaded has renovated all of the Awolowo road Ikoyi Lagos site of the A-list fun place.
Insiders hinted Man About Town that the big fella associates dubbed The General of entertainment in that part of town spent well above 15million naira to carry out the exercise.
All the seats and tables at the ground floor solely for regular patrons of the Club are said to have been changed- a more comfortable combination of leather and steel seats are said to now employ. All the Air conditioning system- and related apparatus are equally said to have been replaced. In order to bring out the beauty of these changes, a new arrangement is said to have been adopted.
Not left out of the wind of change is the upper region of the club exclusively reserved for the V I P clients. Just like the spacious down stair domain of the regular patrons- virtually all that made up of the interior décor of this section have been replaced. With the comfort that permeates the environment as induced by the Air conditioning system said to be an octave higher.
Informants claim Friends and Associates of the Club Owner had a first hand experience of the new ambience on December 28 2007. The flamboyant Club Owner was said to have staged a lavish bash to sign post his birth day. All who came and luxuriated in the ambience of the place of fun- and the offering of the day greatly commended Mr Shodehinde and his crew for a job well done.
Sources maintained the party was as highly exciting, as Akeem is flamboyant with more than enough to drink- and chew for all who came to celebrate with the birthday boy..

Recuperated Comedian whose illness caused great public concern, Basorge Tariah jnr is back to his old ways- Night Clubbing.
Information pieced together indicates, Basorge who was admitted at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital and later ferried abroad- London, England- in the search for a medical solution to a heart related ailment that left him bedridden for days was a guest at the all night birthday bash of Club Administrator, Akeem Shodehinde.
Sources claimed the event staged just a couple of weeks after Basorge journeyed back hale and hearty saw the comedian well known as ‘ do good’ partying over night.
On the spot informants divulged that, Basorge sporting a white shirt and blue pants arrived Reloaded night Club with about three girls in tow. Informants who couldn’t established his relationship with the ladies described the stand up comic and his entourage as one of the early arrivals of the night of fun. They reported stepped into the Club just minutes past midnight.
According to information pieced together, what literarily blew the mind of many who saw Basorge and his cohorts was the manner of enjoyment he relished in. He was reported to have engaged in an unending consumption of alcoholic wine- Hennessy.
From the time he stepped in , till he left informants claim- Basorge and his lady friends indulging in the handouts of Akeem ceaselessly romanced bottles after bottles of Hennessy- informants however maintained, he certainly didn’t look drunk when leaving though same can not be said of his lady friends.
Basorge conducts was said to have left some of his fans who saw him speechless- with a source giving voice to their feelings with the opinion ‘ for someone who nearly died of a heart related ailment and whose condition then left many troubled and concerned- that was certainly no way to behave at such a gathering’

Connected Business man plying his trade in Spain, Tony Annekwe is sure living up to his marital vow of taking care of his wife till death do them apart.
Informants revealed that, the lovable dude still very much in the country- extending his yuletide break just bought his wife a brand new Avensis car.
Insiders revealed the lovable gentleman friends call Tony Espanyol or Don Tonio bought the automobile as an end of the year 2007 present for the mother of his child.
‘It was actually meant to be a token of his ever growing love for Chika- his wife’ a source quip.
Related information pieced together indicates- the large hearted business man is planning to wrap up his extended yuletide vacation in a grand way.
Sources disclosed the lovable character who has sole distribution rights to increasingly becoming popular products- Zenith Battery in this part of the world has concluded plans to stage a superlative bash for friends and associates.
The event tagged ‘ a new year party; is scheduled to take place at successful fun place- Club Papas on Tuesday,Jan 15 2007.
Information has it that a collage of Tony’s business associates, in and out of the country will definitely be in attendance that day- with sources maintaining , based on arrangements put in place so far-the Akinadesola street Victoria Island Venue of the fun place with handsome model, Frank Okamigbo as frontman will certainly sizzled like never before on that fateful day.

December 29 2007, Deaconess Iso the wife of a presiding pastor at an Agidingbi Lagos sited Apostolic Church attacked a female church member with a broken bottle on allegations of attempting to snatch her husband, Pastor Emmanuel Iso.
Informants divulged that the incident transpired at the Kareem Ogungbe street Agidingbi site of the church- which also housed the official residence of the Pastor.
Information abound indicates, the female church member simple identified as sisterv grace- a single mother with three children to the bargain was one of those invited to come ‘ cook’ in preparation for a church programme that fateful day.
Sources claim it was in the course of doing this- with the programme about to kick off that the pastors wife reportedly stormed the kitchen with demands that the woman leave the premises immediately amidst untold abuse. The pastor’s wife was reported to have hinged her request on claims that the latter’s presence his threatening her peace and home- with unsubstiated allegations that she has eyes on her hubby the pastor.
Informants divulged the abuse- and counter abuse from the victim – invited by the pastor himelf -in the bid to defend herself was said to have resulted in the Pastor’s wife smashing a bottle to forcefully eject her from the premises.
Insiders divulged fragile peace was restored by church members in attendance who quickly stepped in, and shielded the single mother church member to safety- amidst claims emanating from the pastor that he doesn’t have any romantic liason with the woman in question- that his wife’s behavior was certainly strange and more than meets the eye. The remote cause of the incident is yet unclear at press time.

Product of wealthy dynasty, The Dantatas- Usman on Friday December 28 2007 staged what those in the labeled- ‘an exclusive birthday bash’
Information pieced together indicates the party was staged at the place of fun administer by his former heartthrob- Louise Priddy.
Sources maintained Usman and his clique made abundance use of the upper section of the fun place during this period. And, there was said to be so much to consume, interms of drinks based on earlier arrangements made with the management of the Awolowo way Ikoyi Lagos sited house of fun to supply as many drinks as possible while the fun lasted.
And, according to self styled partakers- it lasted till the very next day.

Club Papas, the fun place administer by handsome model very much loved in his sphere of operation- Frank Okamigbo has re established itself as one of the most successful haven of fun in Victoria Island Lagos with it’s Christmas sales.
Man About Town findings revealed despite the fact that Frank and his crew literarily staged one rave or the other from Thursday, December 20 2007 all through the Christmas period -ending with a grand finale of a bash tagged Green and White party on Friday January 04 2008 the place was constantly filled to the brim at each and every occasion.
At two different events during this- Dec 28 and Dec 31, a champagne party affair the crowd was said to be such that, at a point Mr Okamigbo directed his crew to stop the sale of VIP tickets. The place was said to have been filled to the brim with no room for admittance. It certainly didn’t help the current face of Magi cubes bill board advert that his clubs anniversary- Decmber 27 2007- fell within this period. And, that inconjuction with his partner and cousin, Nnadi he launched the maiden edition of a mind blowing concept- Ankara Carnival on Dec 20 2007. These two events serving as it’s fulcrum to ceaseless patronage were said to be listed as some of the most highly patronized nights of Club Papas- and, the period, compared to others, roundly labeled the highest selling for any club in that part of this region. And, the fact that Mr Okamigbo dwelled more on building relationship with his clients, never unduly hiking fares despite the teeming crowd- even said to have treated his regular patrons with greater reverence was said to have greatly contributed to the success of his business concern. And, he is said to still be reaping the fruits of his success with night crawlers maintaining the success has spiraled into the new year- that the large crowd still keep coming.
Information filtering in indicates, Club Papas first major outing in the year 2008- Friday Dec 04 sold out. With the ‘ Green and White party’ as flag off point- sources claimed both club owner and clients were happy with all that transpired.
Informants however claim, like the astute business man that he is, Mr Okamigbo and his crew have initiated moves towards consolidating their gains. Plans of what to expected for the Valentine celebration- February 14 2008 is being map out. And, the first batch of what is labeled a four phase campaign has begun. On January 24 2008, the flag off party tagged ‘ Back to skul’ bash will be staged. And, other to be unveiled concept will follow.
According to insiders, all effort is being planned to make’ Club Papas the most dominant fun place in the Nation- and one of the most recognized international within the shortest period possible.

Egg heads at Ouch!, the all about fashion place with dandy Uche Nnadi as front person have stepped up their game.
Information making the rounds indicates the fashion house that parades must buy products of notable names on the international fashion scene- just added it’s own branded products to it’s wares.
Sources disclosed that the product labeled Ouch! Branded Ties is now part of the offerings to patrons at it’s Aina Eleko street Maryland Lagos flagship outlet.
Insiders revealed the birth of the product labeled beautifully branded Ties that caters for all manner of fashion idiosyncrasies occurred in the last days of December 2008.
It was reportedly launched between December 30 2007 and January 02 2008 at the Silverbird Galleria Ahmadu Bello way Victoria Island Lagos.
Most of those who attended the launch labeled the visit ‘ a worth while venture’ based on the quality of the offerings on sale.

Laja Adedoyin, the Selfless Individual behind the success story of home for the special children, Heart of Gold Hospice is on the verge of opening another arm of her hospice in Ilorin Kwara state.
And, it is said to be a school of sort. Sources divulged the woman with an heart of gold for the physically and mentally challenged child opted to set up the school- with facilities for both day and boarding- in Ilorin as a result of the need to extend her humanitarian gesture into that region. She is said to have undertaken the project with great support from the First Lady of Kwara state, Mrs. Toyin Saraki.
Specifically located at Kwara State informants claimed the project which Mrs. Adedoyin toiled night and day all through last year to put through should be declared opened in the first quarter of this year.
Sources equally divulged if all work according to plan- the second edition of the Heart of Gold achievers award should be held in the course of opening the project as well.
Insiders squealed that the second edition of the Award which ought to have been held in year 2007 was shifted till now as a result of the time consuming effort of seeing the Ilorin Kwara state project through.

Ranti Adams, the Front woman of Events and Brand Management company- Premium Heights has adopted a low profile toga.
Informants divulged the exhilaratingly beautiful woman adopted this stance all through the yuletide period- and from all indications appear not ready to change her ways immediately.
Though specific reasons why the lady described as very large hearted by those who have had dealings with her adopted this style is yet to be established- unconfirmed sources sited the need to shy away from hurting the sensibilities of political associates making unheard of demands in the guise of soliciting for yuletide gifts as the reasons. The barrage of request that saw many invading her privacy- way laying her and even camping till late into the night on the street to her Lagos home was said to be so much that many close to fear for her safety. Hence the decision for her to go low profile, and reel out whatever goodies she planned to unleash from the vantage point of obscurity.
Sources maintained Ranti Adamspopularly called R.A by associates faced such alarmingly number of request- and the inherent risk as a result of her likable personality.
As younger sister to the sitting Governor of Lagos, Babatunde Fashola and one of those who successfully managed his electioneering campaign- her likable nature and untiring work ethics had endeared her to many- to such and extent that even after elections, back to her private business many still relate with her.

Monday December 17, 2007 when the award- winning duo of tick Lips and Lenny B officially introduced their long-awaited album ‘Press On Pt 2’ to the media and the general public.
The talented duo, whose journey to fame and renown started in 2004 when they won a talent hunt organized by Grafton records, have said that this album tells the story of black Africa, the quest for freedom, and by no small means, an expression of their innermost beings. And they’re blessed to have talented cats like Mtrill (also signed on Grafton records), Ruggedman and international reggae icon Junior Reid on different tracks on the project. It’s their first full-length commercial album and it is expected that this will mark the beginning of greater things for the extremely blessed duo. Extremely? Yes. Or how else do you describe a duo that beat D’Banj and other heavyweights by vote to emerge Best West African act at the last Channel O awards? How do you describe the story of two young, hopeless lads growing up in the dreaded, violent Port Harcourt Riverine settlements where all you’re confronted with is a bleak future; an assurance that help may never come? These days, thanks to their God-given talent and the machinery of the Tonye Ibiama-led team at Grafton records, Tick Lips and Lenny B are building a career for themselves. Having performed in South Africa and in different parts of the UK, they’re already becoming one of the most promising acts out of Africa. And, instead of using their fame and growing success to just re-establish their families and move on with life, they’re canvassing for change, for development of Port Harcourt’s ghettos; and they’re passionate about seeing all the violence that have enveloped the area in recent times stop.
‘That’s why we did the freedom song with Junior Reid’, says Lenny. ‘We usually like our songs to carry a message, to talk to you. Because we know where we’re coming from. We know we’re lucky to be able to get out here and do this. There are lots of other youths trapped in those ghettos, engaging in different vices, with no hope for the future. They believe the government doesn’t care about them, and they make it a point of duty not to care about the government and the entire system too’ Tick Lips adds.

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